The glitz and glamour of modelling can sometimes overpower its reputation as a cutthroat industry. The beauty business is notorious for its controversy so it’s not only vital that you manage your physical health, but your mental health as well.

Below is my quick tips for managing your mental wellbeing as a model;

➡️ COMPARISON IS THE THEIF OF JOY: comparing yourself to others won't get you anywhere. If modelling agencies were wanting THAT particular person that you're trying to be on insta, then they would have snapped her up by now right? Instead, she's still sitting at home taking selfies. Don't follow those that aren't in the industry. Agencies are looking for models who stand out in the crowd, they're looking for someone who's different and being able to offer a unique take on life. There's only one you - no one can be you.

➡️ HATERZ, BULLYING AND STALKERS: unfortunately, with beauty comes hateful, spiteful people. the worlds been like this for so long its hard to know whether this will ever change. until it does, I want you to know that haterz are putting you down because you're doing it. you're putting in the hard work and doing what it takes to make yourself successful in the industry. bullies are just jealous creatures and their behaviour has nothing to do with you and its more about them. they want your life and they can't have it. and stalkers are notorious unwanted attention. make sure you keep a record of when they contact you, how they contact and what they're contacting you about. keeping these records will strengthen your case against them if and/or when you have to get the police involved.

➡️ OTHER INTERESTS: in order to keep a sane mind while chasing your dreams, make sure you have other interests and skills to keep you occupied. This really helps - especially when you want to get away from it all for a week and not think about modelling and all that hard work it entails! Go hiking with friends or go for a day trip with your family. Generally, have a to-do bucket list of things to do so when life as a model gets on top of you, you can leave it all behind and escape for a few days just doing anything else!

📸 Stay tuned tomorrow for the last in this series that talks about modelling agencies and how to get your foot in the door 📸