It is no lie that word of mouth is the best and most popular way that clients find me so naturally. . . you should be rewarded when you send one of your closest friends to us!

The referral program is simple. I always ask our new clients how they found me. If they mention your name, they will receive $50 Boudie Bucks towards their session fee, and you will receive $50 Boudie Bucks as well.

You can either use it right away to purchase something more from your last shoot or save it (and even let it accrue!) for your next shoot. There is no limit to how much you can earn in Boudie Bucks!

How To Earn More Rewards

There are several ways to get the word out there to take advantage of the referral program. Seeing as you can unlimitedly rack up the "BOUDIE BUCKS" to be used for session fees AND products all while giving your tribe $50 towards their session fees you will want to spread the word! Here's how you can earn more rewards;


Share my page on your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Let your followers know that they can also receive $50 off their session by mentioning your name! If you decide to share a photo from your session, tag @miastonephotographer in it.


If you’d like to refer me to a friend or family member in-person, just be sure to let them know they will get $50 Boudie Bucks towards their booking fee if they mention your name. Word-of-mouth referrals are very much appreciated!


Immediately after a new client purchases their session with me or completes their print order, I will personally notify you and send you either a digital $50 Boudie Bucks gift voucher.